• Personal Trainer Amsterdam
  • Positive, Caring and Disciplined
  • Focus On Lifestyle Changes
  • Personal Development

Because of my experience with both sports and psychology, I can help my clients to change their habits. I can support you on your fitness journey, but also in your personal development process.

I grew up in Romania, but I believe the world is too big, and people are too fascinating to stay in one place. I have worked with people from all around the world, with different goals: weight loss, shaping, muscle building, or recovering from an injury or surgery.

I am most passionate about the combination between fitness and psychology, about the link between a strong body and a healthy mind. People can achieve their goals and make sustainable lifestyle changes, if they gain trust in themselves and their bodies. Except for fitness, I am interested in neuroscience and personal development techniques.

When I am not working, I lift weights, drink coffee with friends, or spend time in nature.

The investment in your health is the best investment in the future! It will pay off in all aspects of your life. if you need a coach with a positive attitude, who really cares about you and who is disciplined in her work, I am your match.

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